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What clients are saying:

Tiffany is so kind & knowledgeable. I learned so much from her as far as what to expect & how to prepare. Her care was excellent & thorough to insure the safest & healthiest birth for me & my baby. She was extremely informative, explaining things & then giving me resources to educate myself, allowing me to make the best decisions for me & my baby girl. She listened to my needs & desires & supported me all along the way, from pregnancy to birth to postpartum. I could not have chosen a better midwife to walk alongside me on this incredible journey!


“The Preparing For Birth team is amazing! They are supportive, compassionate and very knowledgeable. They make being pregnant and delivering a baby fun!”

~Dave & Tammy

“Desirre is a wonderful caring Midwife, she is knowledgeable, and informative. My home birth was such a positive experience after my c-section experience with my first. Desirre and her team were calming, nurturing and wonderful! Thank You so much!”


The Preparing for Birth team was excellent in the care they provided for 2 of my children’s births. After I had my two older children, my midwife retired, and I was forced to shop for a midwife with my third child. After numerous interviews, I chose Desirre. I’m so glad I did! All aspects of my care were managed above my expectations, and I am grateful that I had such a well trained team at my side. I was so happy with my care with my third child, I immediately reserved a spot with them when I found out I was pregnant with my fourth child.


I have had the honor of using Preparing for Birth with both of my pregnancies! I was of course a nervous first time mom and all of my questions were not only answered but fully explained so I was very well informed! Des and Tiffany were rockstars at my birth with my first and my second. I never imagined that I would feel so loved and empowered in my birth experience during pregnancy, delivery, and in my postpartum care! They were more than just my birth team they are family! If you have ever considered a home birth, I promise you you can not go wrong choosing Preparing For Birth!


I am currently on my 3rd midwife of 4 pregnancies due to moving across country. From my perspective, I have dealt with different types of midwives (CNM, CM regulated and not by states), style, personalities, & laws. All of these midwives were for home births. If you have never had a midwife or home birth before you may not know how much midwives can just vary from bedside manner and approach.

Desirre by far has been my favorite midwife and I give her an A++ for professionalism, bedside manners, and her scope of knowledge. She knows things you would think that a Nurse midwife who practiced in a hospital for years and years didn’t know or apply.

She is warm and caring. I have had midwives who are distant, cold, or just want to get the visit in and out, without even being personable on varying levels. I don’t expect or need my midwives to be my best friend, but being personable is a huge thing considering each pregnancy and child born has its challenges. You are trusting someone with you and your babies life.

You can count on Desirre to be calm and collected in varying situations. I was stressed with my husband during labor and I was grumpy to say the least. She was very professional, calm, and collected in dealing with my intense birth and grumpiness.

When baby was born she was calm when baby came out not breathing. I was still trying to collect my mind after the last push and I am so thankful she was there to take the step to get my baby to breathe as it would take me longer to come to. She was amazingly calm…

She also takes the time before birth and after to cover all topics to educate you on different aspects of pregnancy and birth. Like I said I have had different midwives to evaluate her from different levels and aspects, and by far out of the three I have had so far she provides and instills confidence, love, respect, and a safe place emotionally, and physically. I truly miss her everyday of my current pregnancy and wish I could still be with her.”


“Desirre was AMAZING. What a knowledgeable, compassionate and capable woman. She provided great pre and postnatal care and helped us achieve our dream of a natural home birth. If we still lived in Colorado she would be our go-to for another child.”


“Desiree is incredible. Thank you so much for such an amazing experience!!! Hugs!”


Desirre and Tiff are wonderful, knowledgeable and experienced midwives! They were able to help me navigate information and options towards a healthy and safe pregnancy, homebirth and postpartum. Desirre openly shared her knowledge and experience with us, answering my many questions and pointing us to community resources for postpartum support for our family as needed. I loved how Tiff talked to my baby in the womb as a person and shared of herself and her love of supporting moms and babies. They helped hold space for the birth of our 4th child, which helped create the calm, supportive and prepared environment I desired.


I can’t recommend highly enough the incredible women at Preparing for Birth. Desirre and Tiffany were referred to me from my sister and provided all of my care during my pregnancy, delivery, and 6 weeks postpartum for both of my daughters. Seeing the beautiful experience my sister had when she gave birth to my niece made a home birth with a midwife seem like a natural choice even though I had never considered it in the past. The level of personalized care that I received surpassed any previous experience that I had had with healthcare professionals by miles. They were my biggest support during the most difficult and rewarding experiences of my life and I can’t thank them enough for allowing me to have my daughters in a way that made me feel empowered and safe. Knowing that they would be there with me when I went into labor, when they had been with me every step of the way during my pregnancy, knowing that I wouldn’t be doing the hardest thing I’ve ever done in a room full of strangers, allows me to look back at giving birth as a completely positive experience rather than a traumatizing one.


Words cannot express my deep appreciation for the exceptional care I received from these ladies throughout the 2 pregnancies I used them! Desirre is a wealth of knowledge and I always felt confident under her care. Tiffany is so caring and genuine. It was important to my husband in planning our home birth that we found someone that had medical knowledge & skills; and it was important to me to have a relationship with my provider and also receive competent, individualized, holistic minded care prenatally through postpartum. We both got what we wanted and then some! There is no substitute for the midwifery model of care in my opinion. Can you text your OBGYN with a question at any hour? Nope. I felt supported and empowered at every turn of my pregnancy, labor & deliver, and postpartum phase with Preparing for Birth as my care team. If I were to get pregnant again, I’d be most excited about getting to see these ladies, and that is my only incentive to be pregnant currently. Ha. But truly, I LOVE Des and Tiff. They will always be a part of some of my best memories in life – supporting me in bringing my beautiful babies into the world. I highly recommend them!


These midwives are phenomenal. Our prenatal, labor and delivery care was top notch. If I needed something or had a question I would get a response promptly. They took incredible care of me and my baby as well as my family each time we met with them. I had a major health scare when our last baby was just one month old. These ladies went above and beyond “just serving”one of their clients. They made sure all 8 of our children were set at home with our normal schedule AND got donated breast milk for our infant to supplement with while I was in the hospital. I could not have done the last 3 pregnancies or delivers without them, they are amazing !!! They are not just midwives, they are part of our family. I love them so much.


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